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Become a member! We have a nominal membership fee of £10pp per annum to cover some of our incidental costs and some of our members are kind enough to contribute additonal funds to cover the larger costs such as maintaining the website and running our Meet-up site.  


Please contact us on our email address if you want to discuss membership -

Windsor Humanists Constitution

Want to join us?

If you'd like to become a member, please use our contact form. Or just turn up at an event - you will be very welcome!  Or contact us via our email


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Upcoming Events

Next Month ..... 


Tuesday 13th June Post Election Social


Saturday 8th July Windsor Street Showcase SWAMI17 Stall


Tuesday 11th July Summer Discussion SWAMI17 Whats it about?


Saturday 15th July Slough Street Showcase SWAMI17 Stall

Sunday 23rd July Maidenhead Festival Street Showcase SWAMI Stall


Tuesday 8th Aug Summer Social


Bring your friends....



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