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There are numerous humanist celebrants in the local area who can conduct weddings, funerals and naming ceremonies.  Many people's first contact with humanism comes from attending a humanist ceremony either a funeral, wedding or naming of a child.  Often people say how wonderful and authentic they found these ceremonies compared to the equivalent religious ceremonies with many commenting that they prefer the focus of humanist ceremonies which is on the person rather than on doctrine or the divine!  


One of our experienced Humanist Celebrants has let us know that they aim to have people crying at weddings due to the romance but laughing at funerals as people fondly remember the deceased whilst celebrating the life they lived!


If you want to find out more please refer to the BHA Ceremonies Web pages where you can find a listing of BHA accredited celebrants. The contact details of our own  Windsor Humanist Celebrant are also provided below.  Both Caroline and Pauline are very experienced humanist celebrants and both are accredited by the BHA.


Local Celebrants


Pauline Turner - Weddings and Funerals, 07721754787, 01628634588,


Caroline Barnett - Funerals, 07973 141623

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