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We are a group of Humanists covering the Windsor, Slough, Ascot and neighbouring areas of East Berkshire and South Bucks. We provide the opportunity for the non-religious to meet like minded people in the local East Berkshire Royal Borough on a regular basis and to build a sense of community demonstrating that you can be 'Good without Gods'! 


We meet regularly in and around Windsor to enjoy each other's company, to debate topical issues and to contribute to our local communities and charities.  Please refer to the Events tab above to find out more about our upcoming events and/or join our facebook group page - links provided below.  We look forward to seeing you very soon!

Humanism is a positive life stance centred on people which aims to create a more open, just and caring society based on our shared humanity rather on religious doctrine or belief in a divine afterlife. We believe this is the one life we have thus we should make the most of it for ourselves, and for others. We affirm that a fulfilling and ethical life ought to be inspired by our empathic humanity guided by reason, evidence and science, without reliance on supernatural forces or entities. In todays world of increasing extremism there is a need for more rational considered debate based on evidence and science, and this is what Humanism tries to to achieve.


We are linked to both the British Humanist Association (BHA) and the National Secular Society (NSS) - please refer to their websites for more information on Humanism - links are provided below.

Want to join us?

If you'd like to become a member, please use our contact form. Or just turn up at an event - you will be very welcome!  Or contact us via our email


Join our Facebook Group page - the link is provided below.

Upcoming Events

2018 First Quarter :-

Tuesday 9th January - Windsor Humanists - A Short Retrospective followed by a discussion on the future

Thursday 8th February Annual Darwin Lecture and Museum Tour by George Fussey Curator Eton College Natural Histroy Museum

Tuesday 13th Feb  WAMCF Dialogue Event What is True Strength? Windsor Baptist Hall Smiths Lane Windsor SL4 5PE - not NOT Watemran Arms

Tuesday 13th March - WAMCF Dialogue Event - If You Could Change the World What Would it Be? Maidenhead Mosque - note NOT Watemran Arms 

Tuesday 27th March What Does it Mean to be Human - WAMCF Dialogue event hosted by Windsor Humanists at the Austen Leigh & Baldwin Institute Eton Court SL4 6BY


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