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Windsor Humanists are supporting the BHA campaign to improve dialogue between the religious and the non religious recognising the tremendous cultural melting pot that exists in the Windsor, Slough and Maidenhead and wider East Berkshire areas! Despite around half of the UK population now identifying as non religious many people of faith claim not to know an atheist or humanist so through this campaign we hope to change this at least locally in the Windsor area!


Windsor Humanists are members of the Slough Faith Partnership, regularly organising joint events.  Windsor Humanist members have attended recent events organised by the Windsor and Maidnehead Community Forum (WAMCF) and it is hoped that Windsor Humanists can also join the WAMCF at some stage in the near future.  Links to the Slough Faith Partnership and WAMCF websites are provided below.  


As humans beings we all are faced with the same mystery of existence with all of us finding different ways to deal with this the great ultimate existential question. Some of us stay with the religion or beliefs of our parents, some turn to alternatives.  Humanists decide to focus on living the best life we can in the one life that we experience everyday.  There is a humanistic core at the centre of most of the major religions.  So when you separate out the divine or spiritual aspects of most religions what you find  is a very large area of common ground between the non religious, humanists, people of all faiths and the devoutly religious.


However we should not ignore our significant differences. But, if we wish to live together in a peaceful plural society it is essential that we understand each other as fellow human beings.  Windsor Humanists hope that their dialogue activities will help demonstrate locally the 5 key British Values in action - Democracy, the Rule of Law, Individual Liberty, Mutual Respect and Tolerance.  It is hoped that by getting involved locally with people of other faiths and none Windsor Humanists can provide a humanist perspective to local activities and help build better understanding and foster greater tolerance of our differences, as well as helping us all to recognise how much we all have in common., whatever our beliefs.

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