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The British Humanist Association is rolling out significant on line resources on humanism nationally to all schools in 2016.  As part of this campaign the BHA have sent the book 'The Young Atheists Handbook' to all secondary schools and in the first quarter of 2016 will also be distributing the new Book 'What is Humanism' by Michael Rosen and Annemarie Young. Further copies of both books can be ordered on the Humanism for Schools web site - the link is provided below.


A Royal Commision recently recommended that public policy needs to take into account that nearly half the UK population now identify as non religious. In addition the BHA won a high court judgement that humanism should be taught as an alternative to religious belief in schools.


Windsor Humanists plan to support this roll out locally and can offer local speakers to schools. We are also willing to provide staff briefings and larger workshops to any schools or teachers that want to find out more about humanism before instructing their pupils as part of their ongoing religious or philosophy classes.


Numerous Windsor Humanists already speak regularly in local schools on demand and through personal links.

Please contact Windsor Humanists direct if you want us to arrange a local speaker for your school using the 'Contact Us' tab above or if you prefer you can book an official BHA Schools Speaker by clicking the links below.


The BHA also provide training to any Windsor Humanists who want to become an official BHA School Speaker.  Details of the current training available for School Speakers can be found on the BHA site - just click on the link.


Our plan is to start to co-ordinate and publicise our activities in a more consistent format using this page.  As an example you will find below some of the prepared questions pupils asked  Caroline Barnett our local Humanist Celebrant when she visited a school recently! 

BHA Humanism for Schools

BHA Speakers for Schools

BHA School Speaker Training

Luke Donnellan Talk to Windsor Humanists on BHA Schools Campaign May 2016
Luke gave us an excellent talk on Humanism generally and the importance of getting local schools to use the excellent on line materials which are an outstanding resource for pupils, teachers and adults alike!
2016 04 12 LD Harrow Windsor talk.pptx
Microsoft Power Point presentation [10.5 MB]
 I must say I found some of the questions rather challenging!!
How did your friend hear about the way of life of an humanist?
What are her daily routines?
How does an humanist decided what is right or wrong?
How does a Humanist feel about God?
How does a humanist find answers?
Which festivals are important to a humanist?
What does homosexuality mean to a Humanist?
What would be classed as a sin for a Humanist?

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